How did we end up here?

Origin stories are all the rage. The past brought back to life to explain why someone is the way they are. We all have an origin story to tell. 

But, in starting an agency in today’s environment where we have been seems far less compelling than where we want to go. The past, especially the recent past, of agencies is littered with too many life lessons and cautionary tales. It’s a story of iteration when innovation is required. A lesson in incrementality and lost narrative leading to a focus on things that matter less but are talked about more than ever. 

So, this is an origin story but one that begins today with a simple question of if you could draw your own map and choose your own adventure where would you begin. For us, it’s a journey we have decided to take as partners in this venture. Nearly fifteen years of friendship and shared values allowing us to bring our ideals to an industry that needs more purpose at its center. 

We believe in the power of people because we’ve shared our expertise and watched careers and lives grow from simple beginnings over time.

We believe in having values and sharing value with those around us. It’s not enough to live something if you associate with “partners” who are simply in it for the easy dollar or quick fix. 

We believe in measurement and accountability and that when someone talks about results they talk about performance that really matters. 

The origin story is about opportunities and how they eventually turn into outcomes. It’s about working with and for the people who have values and purpose. It’s a story that is originating now and accelerating daily. That’s why our story is yet to be fully formed and will evolve with old friends and new partners alike.